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Connect Ubuntu to Warwick Wireless VPN

4 March 2009

It’s not simple, but I have cracked it. I’m using NetworkManager 0.7.0 on Ubuntu 8.10 but chances are it might work on earlier/later versions.

You need to install the network-manager-pptp package first. You can do this through Synaptic or by installing “PPTP VPN Connection Manager” with the Add/Remove… utility. From the terminal enter
sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp

Once you’ve done that, right click on the NetworkManager applet on the panel and choose Edit Connections in menu. Click on the VPN tab in the Network Connections window and click the Add button. In the dropdown menu choose Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and click Create…. Give the connection a memorable name and then set the following settings:
On the VPN tab
Username: Your IT Services user code
Password: Your VPN password (follow the instructions here)
Leave everything else as it is and click on Advanced….
Make sure all the Authentication Methods are ticked.
Tick Use encryption and set the Security drop-down to 128-bit (Most Secure).
Everything except Send PPP echo packets SHOULD be ticked.

With any luck when you left-click on the NetworkManager applet and select VPN > Warwick Wireless (or whatever you called it) it should log you straight in!


Freak hailstorm

3 October 2008

There are hailstones on my windowsill. It is Thursday and more to the point it’s OCTOBER. Why dare I ask are they there?

My timetable sucks ass, I have to be on campus for an hour or two every day. This is not good, and today I have a 4 hour gap between seminars. I went to see Leo then came home and punched the forest of paper M. Amieux gave us this morning. You’d think people would know how to duplex on a photocopier, I have over 100 pages here.

Come see me at Freshers on monday. I’ll be in the TES tent to the right of the stage along with the other language socs. I’m not sure where they’ve put French Speaking, somewhere hopefully a long way away so they can’t steal our members and leer. Well, they may be lovely, but I have yet to find out. I might pay them a visit :p

A la fac!


Once upon a time…

19 August 2008

Once upon a time a young man named Phillip was on the interwebamajig and happened to stumble onto his union’s website and discover:

  • a big tent on Tocil field, ooo-err. Which is quite impressive. And also a tent.
  • that Pendulum and the Hoosiers will be at the Freshers Ball – omfg gasm or what? I now need friends. Apply within, not literally, obviously.
  • that there’s a huge hole in the old building ready to be turned into the new building – eep.

That is all



26 June 2008

Euro 2008 may be in full swing (those lucky Austro-Swiss) but this is not a football report (which would be rather out of character), it is however my overall grade for my first year of university! I am most definitely here, and while there are most certainly things I need to work on for next year (as my highest paper is not part of next year’s examination), mainly involving essays and style (which any idiot can learn, says Jim), I think I have well and truly succeeded.


French Society site now live

26 June 2008

To cut a long story short, I am French Soc secretary for 2008-9. This is much fun as I have so far minuted lots of meetings, snooped on previous execs, read and rewritten our constitution (which needs running past most of the exec still and then SocsFed) and created a snazzy website which takes content from text files and adds some prettiness before serving it up on the web. Well, now that snazziness has hit the real interweb, and can be seen in all its glory at


50% exam free

7 June 2008

Three down and three to go, what excitement! I may possibly have just fallen off my chair at the excitement if it wasn’t that it doesn’t have wheels and is particularly unwieldy… I’m supposed to be celebrating and I have been told off for dusting my laptop because that is not fun enough. I also took down all the posters I had put up for grammar and Writers, Media & Society, aren’t they an exciting lot, I think if you click the picture to the left it should load a bigger picture, bearing in mind that there are more you can’t see! Right onto FrIm and German grammar – fun times!


Warwick once again

8 March 2008

It feels good to be back in the bubble. Things seem to be calmer this term, but this volunteering thing could be a lot of work. I have nothing planned, and I’m due in tomorrow…I don’t really even know how I’m getting there! Well, in theory if I follow the instructions I found on the web then I can’t go wrong…but then again that assumes that I’m not a blithering idiot…which is quite possible.