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19 June 2008

I am sick. I am consequently feeling sorry for myself. I would argue that this was understandable as I woke up and then chucked up, which is not on the Ririan Project’s list of ways to kick start your day (however turkey is on the list and I can’t see myself eating that when I wake up).I’ve had to flake on the French day and on Impact training tomorrow, while it might have been a first aid course, it may well not be a good idea going full of illness – yeuch! I have decided I’m going to be well by Saturday night so I can go out, but if all fails then I lose 2 weeks wages because I’m set to work Sunday and Monday and miss out on Top B fun, and my name’s on the guestlist too! My moment of fame and I get ill…boo!


Warwick once again

8 March 2008

It feels good to be back in the bubble. Things seem to be calmer this term, but this volunteering thing could be a lot of work. I have nothing planned, and I’m due in tomorrow…I don’t really even know how I’m getting there! Well, in theory if I follow the instructions I found on the web then I can’t go wrong…but then again that assumes that I’m not a blithering idiot…which is quite possible.