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Good lord no, but in other news, yes

5 August 2008

Indeed. Good lord no. In the first place, why? I am well aware I am unable to stop myself, perhaps there’s a group I should seek out. If the article I read is true, I have comparatively very little to worry about, and I know the solution anyway (mistiness ensues).

In other good lord no news, drivers are stupid. Do not overtake me when I am pootling along at the speed limit. They are there for a reason: to exhtort as much money from people like you through the use of speed cameras. Vive la democratie ! Chelsea tractors in Guiseley – what on earth posseses people? For what purpose do you need a 4-wheel drive hardxcore yocking great cross-country driving machine at half past eight outside morrisons? Are you going to scale a lettuce mountain or something. Think of your CO2 emissions please.

In other news, yes to parties. But not full of doddery old grannies, rain or work. All three is a recipe for suffering, especially when combined with the prospect of children’s entertainment. Damn my CRB check. All will be revealed tomorrow in more party-fantastic news.


London’s burning!

2 June 2008

Actually I’m a good seventy miles north of London, but still Chloë did manage to set light to bacon, which isn’t as impressive as one of the chefs at work who set fire to an omelette, or so they say. Allie and I dutifully panicked and went running off. I had security hang up on me, but Allie found the tutor who came to have a look, by which time the fire was out and Kav was armed with a fire blanket we didn’t know we had. What is impressive is that the fire alarm didn’t go off, take that Kitchen 7! In other news, written exams T-3d-12h-8m-0s which is scary (and not wholly accurate, but near enough!!)…eep!



26 May 2008

This means nothing to most people: blackheart. However it today provided me with a little retro fun, and I found something amusing I once posted there, modernised and updated for today:

Today was really mediocre. I got out of bed at some point, mainly because a monkey told me to. I’m so tired. Revision takes it out of you. I want to tell the world that I’m gay. I am going to wash up soon. I want to say thanks to Stu for listening to me misunderstand the SU plans last night. That’s enough for now. But I’ll leave you with this thought – sharing your life with strangers on the internet is the cheapest form of therapy available. Leave a comment and tell me I’m beautiful.
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…and it was indeed

24 May 2008

Pride was a protest, a brilliant protest even if I do say so myself, and even if Lev and I ended up carting round a flipping great hunk of wood with a big slogan on (to and around Birmingham no less!). I wanna do it again! And I met some lovely people from Bath’s LGBT society who had amazing TEAMGAY t-shirts. They were fab (and I’m jealous, WP ones are unimpressive) and I do want one. There was the suggestion of a joint trip to Birmingham which could be very cool. I hope they organise something because I feel empowered and want to go out campaigning and networking again. You don’t get that in the French Society, I’ll tell you now!


Vive la Francophonie!

18 May 2008

J’ai décidé que je devrais être en train de réviser, parce que j’ai mon examen à l’oral demain. Alors, ceci est un billet de blog en français. Soyez sûr, que je lis le billet à l’oral pendant que je l’écris! Je ne suis pas heureux que je ne poste pas assez sur mon blog. Il serait nécessaire de mettre toutes mes pensées sur l’Internet, mais c’est pas possible, n’est-ce pas? Je ne suis pas sûr ce que je pense des examens. Je ne veux pas les passer, mais j’aime être ici et je si je ne suis pas confiant, qui peut être confiant? Il y a beaucoup de personnes qui font moins de travail que moi, mais il y a aussi ceux qui font beaucoup plus de travail (honte à vous!). Alors, tous les gens sont différents. En ce moment, lire des nouvelles pourrait être une bonne idée. Voyons…