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5 October 2008

Erm, washing is supposed to be easy, right?

The lovely Aggie McKenzie said on the one show the other day that you should wash your bed linen at 60°c to kill yeuchy stuff. Got to be worth a try. Our washer has a 59 minute program at 60°c, which I dutifully used, but I think I managed to catch the Cold button, so somehow it took aaaages and used cold water. Not impressed.

Better luck next week, methinks.


Officially Christmas

1 December 2007

Sad as it may be, it cannot possibly be Christmas until Coca Cola get out their Santa Claus. Admittedly they are an evil domineering blah blah blah, but seriously, until you hear that music it cannot be Christmas…and guess what I saw during Ugly Betty. It’s Christmas people.

That said, it does seem to have crept up very early this year. I blame the fact that the term ends in a week. Everything has been brought forward a good few weeks, I’m already eating mince pies, it’s snowed and we’re putting up the decorations in time for our kitchen’s Christmas. I can’t wait, but I’m sad that the term is coming to a close already. We’ve even decided who we’re living with next year pretty much…we’re looking at houses next week. The world is spinning faster and faster and sometimes I’m not entirely sure that I can keep clinging on. I’ll probably pop into Leam with Frankie and Becci tomorrow to get my Secret Santa present for…you really thought I’d tell you? I’ll give you a clue: the lucky person has two arms and two legs.  Excitement indeed.


Recycle Recycle Recycle

15 October 2007

Blog Action DayToday is blog action day, and as such I’m writing about my favourite topic: Recycling. I’m not currently impressed with the facilities at Warwick, despite being able to recycle most things, but as usual corrugated cardboard can’t be recycled easily. There was a note went round today saying it could be left by the Plastic bins on a Thursday, which seems promising, however unless you have aluminium drink cans, you can’t recycle any other metals. For this reason (and she doesn’t know it yet) I’m going to ask my mum nicely to take them home with her when she comes this weekend. Talk about virtuousness.



22 July 2007

I took a tumble the other day, actually not just one, a whole six, and I was given them (so I lied to begin with, I’ve redeemed myself). They’re just glass tumblers but I like them, and thanks to my cousin who didn’t have any space for them, they’re now mine :D



3 July 2007

I need crockery, but I’m picky. I saw some in the Argos catalogue which seemed reasonable (12 pieces for just over a fiver, plain white – nothing special), but having bought it and opened the box, the bowels were literally an inch or so deep… That’s no good for soup, cereal, or, in fact, anything you eat out of a bowl. So it went back. The search goes on. There’s always IKEA separates or a set at Tesco. I’ll keep looking.