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Notes from a small suitcase

18 September 2009

This is a blatant lie. My suitcase is not small, the problem is probably the amount of rubbish I’m trying to pack into it. In fact I don’t believe I can get one an awful lot larger than I have… I’m leaving on Sunday and my general unpreparedness is worrying. I do have somewhere to live, and as Ford Prefect urges I have a towel. Two actually, bath sheets the pair of them. Taking a leap into the unknown is a worrying thing to do, but I do feel sometimes like a mountain is being made out of a mole-hill, albeit a reasonably sized mole-hill.

Everything happened, as usual, at the last moment. The bank have been unhelpful, the tax man more so. Sometimes I feel quite glad to be leaving Britain behind, but it’s more than just unhelpful functionaries. Saying that my French and German friends are, by and large, already in abroad, which means I’m a long way behind them, some have even been issued with their chalk and set to getting dusty teaching.

And so, I shall now go and stamp on my suitcase and bully the contents into submission. Huzzah!



28 April 2009

Sometimes things aren’t as exciting as you would expect them to be. Obviously going to Tesco is never that exciting, finding the brand of peanut butter I love was slightly exciting, yet it was a little disappointing. Even if in this case it did make nice chicken satay while that lasted (It wasn’t about long)!

Other things are however more exciting, but boasting is wrong.


This video is not available in your country

7 April 2009

…because you are dirty. You know that is what they are thinking – you just know it. Still, slightly annoying.


Journalistic Desire

20 March 2009

Do you know what I want? I want the online newspaper archives to make it more clear what’s online as opposed to from the paper material and to provide proper citations including the page numbers these articles came from, because there’s nothing more infuriating than having to spend half an hour wrestling with Dow Jones Factiva in order to find out that the article was never in the paper and that I could have just cited the URL. Please make my life less irritating!



16 January 2009

What GNOME needs is better panel transparency. It needs to look PRETTIER and applets need to support better transparency so that when you have a window or calendar selected it needs to stand out less like a sore thumb and look more streamlined and, well, transparent. That is all.


It’s not me, it’s definitely you.

11 November 2008

et’s start by introducing Julie Bindel. She’s a truly wonderful person, with progressive liberal attitudes to the LGBTUA+ community. And she’s a lesbian. Wait, did that actually come out of my mouth? Julie Bindel is transphobic, not really into the word queer, questioning or any other part of an acronym that is in my opinion spewing out of control. She is however still a lesbian. Admittedly, she does have a very readble writing style, and some of her articles (I did my research) are extremely well written, until you come to an article called It’s not me. It’s you which unfortunately the same cannot be said of.

Personally, I’d rather like to self define as queer, because clearly I’m missing out on some kinky sex, me. I’m not transgendered, but don’t feel that anyone has the right to make derogatory comments about any minority, be they LGBTUA+ or otherwise. With cattish infighting the dream of liberation can never be realised and as such we remain repressed minorities.

Thank you Julie.



31 October 2008

My tumble drier is annoying. Why do things come out wetter than they go in? Can anyone explain that, surely tumble driers are there to sort-of dry things? I do not understand. There are lots of things I don’t understand, like why Becci is so cold. But she is. It’s almost time to go out. I’m quite looking forward to the party, but my costume isn’t exactly great…or very halloween-y. Hmm.