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Sea views

16 December 2007

Spur of the moment trip of the day…Blackpool! This is what comes of conversations in the pub: 10 o’clock this morning Mark’s taking us to that distant land of Lancashire. It was fun, even if we couldn’t afford the Tower. How do they get off charging £13 to go up a glorified pole? This is a good question methinks. I heard something random on the radio (brap brap) and it had me missing Warwick again. In other news, Christmas is a week on Tuesday and this Tuesday is Awards’ Evening. Can I get away with cords? For something in the school hall, I think so, but I might put on black trousers and a garish shirt, as I really want to make a mockery of the whole thing. Perhaps I should get a fedora or some other type of exciting hat… hmm…



12 December 2007

I’m home for Christmas. It’s quiet. Then again nobody but me is home, which is sad. I miss people. I got a wireless USB thingy from BMC Digital for just over a tenner inc. P&P, it arrived this morning and just worked. This is why I love stuff. I can now go to the library, except I can’t… not that I would really want to right now. Hmm. I’m sort-of looking forward to the rest of the BGS lot getting home this weekend, but then I have no idea what to expect. I’m not the same person that left in October, so why should they be? Plus they’re not going to have a clue who I’m talking about, and probably just keep bringing up rubbish I’d rather have forgotten, actually that’s been happening for years and the majority is bullshit anyway, quite. A bit more heroes, then some Maryse time? Not a bad plan.