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Freak hailstorm

3 October 2008

There are hailstones on my windowsill. It is Thursday and more to the point it’s OCTOBER. Why dare I ask are they there?

My timetable sucks ass, I have to be on campus for an hour or two every day. This is not good, and today I have a 4 hour gap between seminars. I went to see Leo then came home and punched the forest of paper M. Amieux gave us this morning. You’d think people would know how to duplex on a photocopier, I have over 100 pages here.

Come see me at Freshers on monday. I’ll be in the TES tent to the right of the stage along with the other language socs. I’m not sure where they’ve put French Speaking, somewhere hopefully a long way away so they can’t steal our members and leer. Well, they may be lovely, but I have yet to find out. I might pay them a visit :p

A la fac!


Once upon a time…

19 August 2008

Once upon a time a young man named Phillip was on the interwebamajig and happened to stumble onto his union’s website and discover:

  • a big tent on Tocil field, ooo-err. Which is quite impressive. And also a tent.
  • that Pendulum and the Hoosiers will be at the Freshers Ball – omfg gasm or what? I now need friends. Apply within, not literally, obviously.
  • that there’s a huge hole in the old building ready to be turned into the new building – eep.

That is all


One week down, lessons learnt

8 October 2007

I’ve been here a week and have severely neglected my blog. I can honestly say that I’ve been far too social to actually do anything productive, and all the late nights are taking their toll. It’s a fantastic place however, filled with great people and the nightlife isn’t to be sneezed at either. I sound like a walking billboard.

I’ve been joining societies, but I’ve tried to be restrained! I’m a member of the French, German and ERASMUS Societies, and I’m going to join Compsoc, just as soon as I pull my finger out. I also want to do trampolining and climbing, so I joined the sports centre. I think we’re planning to do some exercise classes too…yum, me in a leotard :S

I still need books and I also need to take a trip up to University House – it’s almost as far as the Westwood Laundrette, but not quite, so I am a glutton for punishment.


It’s official

18 August 2007

They published results Thursday. I did surprisingly well, I swore at the headteacher. No, you don’t get A-levels in swearing before you ask. I did French, German and Geography as well as General Studies (which only counts because I did so well!)…and walked out with straight As! I have no idea how I manage it, but I think I deserve to say bloody hell to CT, all things considered!That means my place at Warwick was confirmed, and I’ll be there in 6 weeks! Can you tell I’m excited? Dad’s started passing me articles about university…yawn.

So…freshers week countdown: 44 days to go