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And I thought the world hated me

28 October 2008

Call me paranoid, but I thought the world hated me. First my year abroad plans seemed to fall through because my only French ERASMUS option seemed to be Martinique. I don’t want to go to Martinique, even if it does have Martini in its name :(

Then no-one seemed to turn up to the French Soc circle (but they did and it was great!)

Then I couldn’t even buy toner for my printer because so many places will only send your first order to your card address – ie my home home address. This is sad. I have however since bought toner which is coming to Waterloo House and not going home! So I am again happy.

I have also managed to fix the stupid internet with OpenDNS happy happy happy!

I was also co-opted to the Pride exec Sunday, so now I’m secretary to two societies. Aren’t I fab?!


Freak hailstorm

3 October 2008

There are hailstones on my windowsill. It is Thursday and more to the point it’s OCTOBER. Why dare I ask are they there?

My timetable sucks ass, I have to be on campus for an hour or two every day. This is not good, and today I have a 4 hour gap between seminars. I went to see Leo then came home and punched the forest of paper M. Amieux gave us this morning. You’d think people would know how to duplex on a photocopier, I have over 100 pages here.

Come see me at Freshers on monday. I’ll be in the TES tent to the right of the stage along with the other language socs. I’m not sure where they’ve put French Speaking, somewhere hopefully a long way away so they can’t steal our members and leer. Well, they may be lovely, but I have yet to find out. I might pay them a visit :p

A la fac!


French Society site now live

26 June 2008

To cut a long story short, I am French Soc secretary for 2008-9. This is much fun as I have so far minuted lots of meetings, snooped on previous execs, read and rewritten our constitution (which needs running past most of the exec still and then SocsFed) and created a snazzy website which takes content from text files and adds some prettiness before serving it up on the web. Well, now that snazziness has hit the real interweb, and can be seen in all its glory at


I like Knoblauch

8 March 2008

I’m not sure why I feel the urge to discuss Garlic, but my brain has been addled most definitely recently. It’s been mildly mental trying to get essays, work and language projects organised as well as planning Y3 French and running (haha, I did a bit of DTP, that’s hardly campaigning) a successful campaign for world domination the position of French Soc secretary. It should be a fun do, most of us were in KoKo’s on Thursday discussing how we were going to fritter away our budget. Wir haben Pläne, große Pläne, to misquote the monstors of industrial metal, Rammstein. I don’t think there’s a convincing French act that I could have quoted instead. Ooh, text wars with Becky H continue, the jammy beggar has finished her essay and language project. I really ought to be working more, but I’m not in the mood for no real reason. I want to go out! In fact I might just go to evolve for no apparent reason on Thursday or ‘bows, I wonder whether there will be a trip of excitement. That does depend on how the project is progressing…I’m looking forward to the vacation, but god I love it here.