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Find messed up references in Writer

21 May 2009

I’m anal about essays, beautiful essays are important, nobody wants to read ugly text for any long period of time.
References always have to have a space between the (p)p. and the page number(s). This regular expression finds the ones your tired eyes missed:


Handy, ey?



28 April 2009

Sometimes things aren’t as exciting as you would expect them to be. Obviously going to Tesco is never that exciting, finding the brand of peanut butter I love was slightly exciting, yet it was a little disappointing. Even if in this case it did make nice chicken satay while that lasted (It wasn’t about long)!

Other things are however more exciting, but boasting is wrong.


Journalistic Desire

20 March 2009

Do you know what I want? I want the online newspaper archives to make it more clear what’s online as opposed to from the paper material and to provide proper citations including the page numbers these articles came from, because there’s nothing more infuriating than having to spend half an hour wrestling with Dow Jones Factiva in order to find out that the article was never in the paper and that I could have just cited the URL. Please make my life less irritating!


50% exam free

7 June 2008

Three down and three to go, what excitement! I may possibly have just fallen off my chair at the excitement if it wasn’t that it doesn’t have wheels and is particularly unwieldy… I’m supposed to be celebrating and I have been told off for dusting my laptop because that is not fun enough. I also took down all the posters I had put up for grammar and Writers, Media & Society, aren’t they an exciting lot, I think if you click the picture to the left it should load a bigger picture, bearing in mind that there are more you can’t see! Right onto FrIm and German grammar – fun times!


Just Breathe

17 November 2007

I am stressed, peeved and hungry. I have 4000 words eating me. I have spent the day researching and i am precisely no nearer to actually being able to write either of these bloody essays. The clothes I’m ironing are coming out of the laundry almost as dirty as they went in, and I’m paying £3 a pop for the privilege! Sabbs heads will be rolling come Monday. I shan’t stand for this. I’ve got a job, whoopety do. Why? God knows, I don’t need it. I think mother is still engineering, from over 100 miles away, amazing how they manage that. I have little enough time to do everything I need and want to do anyway. I’m thinking about how i’m going to jack it in before I even start. GAH. They give me a shirt and it’s POLYCOTTON, who wears a plastic shirt!? Even my £2 primark tee from last week is 100% cotton. So you can’t iron plastic on max, it melts I guess. Turn it down to one blob and it takes half an hour to get rid of all the creases. And I swear they’re not all out. It’s too much effort before I even start getting paid; paid what? I have no idea what rate I’m on, I’m doing 2 shifts a week, that’s more hours than I ever did at Henderson’s. I don’t feel like I can go and say look I want one night, it said two shifts to begin with anyway. I might leave it a week before I do that. Argue I’ve done three this week. I need to write ESSAYS! And I need to get a degree. It might cost me £200 a week to be here, but it’s going to cost a damned sight more than that if I don’t get a first or at the very least a 2:1. Fuck.