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And I thought the world hated me

28 October 2008

Call me paranoid, but I thought the world hated me. First my year abroad plans seemed to fall through because my only French ERASMUS option seemed to be Martinique. I don’t want to go to Martinique, even if it does have Martini in its name :(

Then no-one seemed to turn up to the French Soc circle (but they did and it was great!)

Then I couldn’t even buy toner for my printer because so many places will only send your first order to your card address – ie my home home address. This is sad. I have however since bought toner which is coming to Waterloo House and not going home! So I am again happy.

I have also managed to fix the stupid internet with OpenDNS happy happy happy!

I was also co-opted to the Pride exec Sunday, so now I’m secretary to two societies. Aren’t I fab?!



5 October 2008

Erm, washing is supposed to be easy, right?

The lovely Aggie McKenzie said on the one show the other day that you should wash your bed linen at 60°c to kill yeuchy stuff. Got to be worth a try. Our washer has a 59 minute program at 60°c, which I dutifully used, but I think I managed to catch the Cold button, so somehow it took aaaages and used cold water. Not impressed.

Better luck next week, methinks.


three. trois. drei. tres.

10 September 2008

They come in threes, so they say:

  1. I stand up funny and trap a nerve…this is apparrantly called sciatica, it hurts. Ow.
  2. I realise I have lost my bank card. Abandoned in the co-op. Shite. Cancelled the card, obv.
  3. I then go to the pub quiz and park intelligently – pull forward through two spaces so I can pull out forward. Bottom the car and a bit of plastic falls off the bottom of car.

Three resolutions:

  1. I have pulled a muscle in my arse, you can but laugh.
  2. I got the card back and chopped it up. No-one defrauded me of the whole 50p I own. I’m now bankcardless for a few days, no point in mugging me. I’ve just got my £2 for a bacon butty on Friday :D
  3. The recovery people came out at midnight and got the bit of car off, it’s now drivable but it’s missing a bit that can be sorted next week…and not by me.

What a great day, why can’t they all be so darned cheery…not.