Me and my Big Plan

My name is Phill. I’m currently (some would say finally) a finalist at the University of Warwick.

I’m studying French and German Studies, which means I talk…a lot. I also get very confused and will often not remember words in my own language and instead want to call it a Käsereiber or a Rapeur.


‘No’, you cry, ‘That’s not how you spell that wonderful Latin expression.’ And you would be right, so it is therefore a happy coincidence that I have little interest in Latin, and as a French and German student elected for a French word which succinctly describes my life: misunderstanding. The « Larousse dictionnaire de Français compact » has this to say:

quiproquo [kiprɔko] n.m. (du lat. quid pro quo, une chose pour une autre) [pl. quiproquos]. Erreur qui fait prendre une chose, une personne pour une autre : Les pièces de feydeau sont riches en quiproquos (syn. malentendu, méprise).

That’s to say it’s an error by way of taking a person or a thing for something else. And let’s face it, wouldn’t that let confusion reign supreme…what an insight into my world!

Header image credit to on1stsite(away for the weekend)

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