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28 April 2009

Sometimes things aren’t as exciting as you would expect them to be. Obviously going to Tesco is never that exciting, finding the brand of peanut butter I love was slightly exciting, yet it was a little disappointing. Even if in this case it did make nice chicken satay while that lasted (It wasn’t about long)!

Other things are however more exciting, but boasting is wrong.


Thumbnail woe

26 April 2009

Point 1: The new exam timetable system looks pretty, but doesn’t seem to be a marked improvement on what we had last year. When you download your exam timetable it erroneously tells the computer it’s HTML not a PDF, so you need to change the extension to make it work properly. I have reported this to them, I doubt anything will happen or that they will give me a response, I’m still waiting for a reply to the email I sent almost a year ago.

Point 2: Because my computer read the PDF as HTML the pretty thumbnail was garbled text, the question is how do you fix the thumbnail. Thumbnails are saved in ~/.thumbnails/normal with really helpful names (they look like md5 hashes perhaps?). The answer lies in the tracker-thumbnailer tool.
$ tracker-thumbnailer /path/to/garbled/thumbnail/file
will give you the location of the thumbnail image which you can rm then run
$ tracker-thumbnailer /path/to/garbled/thumbnail/file mimetype normal
which will recreate the thumbnail. You need to change the mimetype to reflect the type of file, such as application/pdf or image/png (there’s a little more help on the man page).

Point 3: There must be an easier way to do this


This video is not available in your country

7 April 2009

…because you are dirty. You know that is what they are thinking – you just know it. Still, slightly annoying.