GNOME Keyring problem solved

22 December 2008

I think I have solved the irritating problem where you change your account password in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10) and it doesn’t update your keyring password where for example wireless network keys are stored. The solution is irritatingly simple, and doesn’t require losing anything. Hit Alt+F2 to bring up the Run Application dialog and enter the word seahorse followed by enter. It will bring up an application called Passwords and Encryption Keys which doesn’t appear to be on the menu at all. Open the Edit menu and choose Preferences. Under the Password Keyrings tab, there is a list of keyrings, look for one which automatically unlocks when the user logs in (it says this in italics). Select it and press the Change Unlock Password button. Enter your old account password in the Old Password box and your new password in the New Password boxes and hey presto the nice daemon called PAM will automatically unlock your keyring on login again.


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