three. trois. drei. tres.

10 September 2008

They come in threes, so they say:

  1. I stand up funny and trap a nerve…this is apparrantly called sciatica, it hurts. Ow.
  2. I realise I have lost my bank card. Abandoned in the co-op. Shite. Cancelled the card, obv.
  3. I then go to the pub quiz and park intelligently – pull forward through two spaces so I can pull out forward. Bottom the car and a bit of plastic falls off the bottom of car.

Three resolutions:

  1. I have pulled a muscle in my arse, you can but laugh.
  2. I got the card back and chopped it up. No-one defrauded me of the whole 50p I own. I’m now bankcardless for a few days, no point in mugging me. I’ve just got my £2 for a bacon butty on Friday :D
  3. The recovery people came out at midnight and got the bit of car off, it’s now drivable but it’s missing a bit that can be sorted next week…and not by me.

What a great day, why can’t they all be so darned cheery…not.



  1. You pulled a muscle in your arse? Do I even want to know how?
    Are you at uni? Or were you quizzing in cullingworth?

    On a random note – I want to join our uni German soc here as a friend and I have decided to go back to Deutsch. However the soc are proving very elusive so far – on the student union pages there is no listing for the soc and there isn’t much in the german department. Surely it can’t have just vanished? As a german speaker perhaps you can help me? Is there a secret german phrase that makes these things come back? Haha!

  2. You don’t even want to know. And I was quizzing but am well and truly back now! How about Geschirrschpülmaschine or Gespentheuschrecke? They’re good words to try!

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