Good lord no, but in other news, yes

5 August 2008

Indeed. Good lord no. In the first place, why? I am well aware I am unable to stop myself, perhaps there’s a group I should seek out. If the article I read is true, I have comparatively very little to worry about, and I know the solution anyway (mistiness ensues).

In other good lord no news, drivers are stupid. Do not overtake me when I am pootling along at the speed limit. They are there for a reason: to exhtort as much money from people like you through the use of speed cameras. Vive la democratie ! Chelsea tractors in Guiseley – what on earth posseses people? For what purpose do you need a 4-wheel drive hardxcore yocking great cross-country driving machine at half past eight outside morrisons? Are you going to scale a lettuce mountain or something. Think of your CO2 emissions please.

In other news, yes to parties. But not full of doddery old grannies, rain or work. All three is a recipe for suffering, especially when combined with the prospect of children’s entertainment. Damn my CRB check. All will be revealed tomorrow in more party-fantastic news.


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