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17 April 2008

What do you get when you cross turkey escalopes with Houdini? The answer is, of course, escalopology; quite what this has to do with real life, I’m not entirely sure. I had a hair cut earlier, so now I don’t have much hair but I consider that a good thing. I had a little moment of truth on the train yesterday, it involved skinless chicken and steamed vegetables, which probably explains my slight poultry obsession, and as for Houdini? I’m outta here! I get to go back down south at the weekend, which is a happy and joyous turn up for the books. It seems a bit stupid that I’ve passed Cleamingtry twice this week already and seen the Palace, well, not quite, just its road, but that’s almost the same!


If it doesn’t rain, it pours

11 April 2008

I fail miserably, I think. Just in general, mainly. I keep trying to read Flugasche, being all organised and setting myself 30 pages per day, but I get bored, who really cares about Josefa? I have so much reading to do, but I can’t bring myself to do it. There’s not that much when I actually get on with it, a day of Guigemar, a day of Astérix (still) and less than a week of Schwarzer Tee, it’s not unmanageable, that’s all I have. I need to finish my FrIm essay, which is probably wrong, and as much as I moan, I like the helplessness and darkness of Baudelaire’s poetry, it’s morbid and I think that appeals to me. Perhaps there’s something wrong? I don’t know, I think I like it though. Perhaps all the coffee inside me is messing with my head. Perhaps…