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December 26

26 December 2007

2007 is coming to a close and looking back it’s not been a bad year. Things have happened, both good and bad, which I can now look back at and smile about, and there are others which definitely fall into the realm of the mistake. I think it’s true to say that looking back beating yourself up over the errors that you make makes you no better a person, it’s only when you learn from them that you can possibly say you’ve grown as a person. All very simple really.

I have already decided upon my new year’s resolutions, and looking back at this year’s I can well and truly say that the thought may have been there, but it possibly wasn’t the right approach to the problems I found myself faced with.

I would honestly say that university as an opportunity to grow is second to none, but going forward I think I need to focus on maintaining the relationships I’ve formed already, pruning the ones that aren’t quite right, and keep meeting new people, but reigning myself in on occasion! Talking of pruning, 2008 will see an end to anyone who thinks that referring to anyone as sexy, gorgeous (and they’re being serious) or babe(s) is acceptable. And do you know? It’ll feel damned good.

I ought to share my resolution, shouldn’t I?

Be more difficult

Inspired, isn’t it? It sort of dawned on me that this year’s “issues” were all the product of my inability to either make a conscious decision or not just saying no, which realistically isn’t the hardest of words to remember! I don’t have any big goals, I don’t have any mad desires, I think this year has taught me (and I was about to put learned me – which is wrong wrong wrong) that it’s better to keep it simple than to go off with big ideas and to attempt to achieve them in mad ways. That’s not to say that I am upset about most of the randomness that I’ve experienced, and hell, I’d do 99% of it again and I know I still cringe at the name “Simon” but to be honest I need to get over that.

So yes, BE MORE DIFFICULT. Simple as.


Sea views

16 December 2007

Spur of the moment trip of the day…Blackpool! This is what comes of conversations in the pub: 10 o’clock this morning Mark’s taking us to that distant land of Lancashire. It was fun, even if we couldn’t afford the Tower. How do they get off charging £13 to go up a glorified pole? This is a good question methinks. I heard something random on the radio (brap brap) and it had me missing Warwick again. In other news, Christmas is a week on Tuesday and this Tuesday is Awards’ Evening. Can I get away with cords? For something in the school hall, I think so, but I might put on black trousers and a garish shirt, as I really want to make a mockery of the whole thing. Perhaps I should get a fedora or some other type of exciting hat… hmm…



12 December 2007

I’m home for Christmas. It’s quiet. Then again nobody but me is home, which is sad. I miss people. I got a wireless USB thingy from BMC Digital for just over a tenner inc. P&P, it arrived this morning and just worked. This is why I love stuff. I can now go to the library, except I can’t… not that I would really want to right now. Hmm. I’m sort-of looking forward to the rest of the BGS lot getting home this weekend, but then I have no idea what to expect. I’m not the same person that left in October, so why should they be? Plus they’re not going to have a clue who I’m talking about, and probably just keep bringing up rubbish I’d rather have forgotten, actually that’s been happening for years and the majority is bullshit anyway, quite. A bit more heroes, then some Maryse time? Not a bad plan.


Officially Christmas

1 December 2007

Sad as it may be, it cannot possibly be Christmas until Coca Cola get out their Santa Claus. Admittedly they are an evil domineering blah blah blah, but seriously, until you hear that music it cannot be Christmas…and guess what I saw during Ugly Betty. It’s Christmas people.

That said, it does seem to have crept up very early this year. I blame the fact that the term ends in a week. Everything has been brought forward a good few weeks, I’m already eating mince pies, it’s snowed and we’re putting up the decorations in time for our kitchen’s Christmas. I can’t wait, but I’m sad that the term is coming to a close already. We’ve even decided who we’re living with next year pretty much…we’re looking at houses next week. The world is spinning faster and faster and sometimes I’m not entirely sure that I can keep clinging on. I’ll probably pop into Leam with Frankie and Becci tomorrow to get my Secret Santa present for…you really thought I’d tell you? I’ll give you a clue: the lucky person has two arms and two legs.  Excitement indeed.