Recycle Recycle Recycle

15 October 2007

Blog Action DayToday is blog action day, and as such I’m writing about my favourite topic: Recycling. I’m not currently impressed with the facilities at Warwick, despite being able to recycle most things, but as usual corrugated cardboard can’t be recycled easily. There was a note went round today saying it could be left by the Plastic bins on a Thursday, which seems promising, however unless you have aluminium drink cans, you can’t recycle any other metals. For this reason (and she doesn’t know it yet) I’m going to ask my mum nicely to take them home with her when she comes this weekend. Talk about virtuousness.



  1. I have got the others on my corridor recylcing too! Haha!
    The facitlites here are rubbish, there is a few but very picky about what sort of plastics they will take. But you can recyle clothes here lol, how very strange!

    Getting your mother to take your rubbish home with her? She must be mad…….

  2. glad to see you participated in blog actions day…way to recycle no matter what :)

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