One week down, lessons learnt

8 October 2007

I’ve been here a week and have severely neglected my blog. I can honestly say that I’ve been far too social to actually do anything productive, and all the late nights are taking their toll. It’s a fantastic place however, filled with great people and the nightlife isn’t to be sneezed at either. I sound like a walking billboard.

I’ve been joining societies, but I’ve tried to be restrained! I’m a member of the French, German and ERASMUS Societies, and I’m going to join Compsoc, just as soon as I pull my finger out. I also want to do trampolining and climbing, so I joined the sports centre. I think we’re planning to do some exercise classes too…yum, me in a leotard :S

I still need books and I also need to take a trip up to University House – it’s almost as far as the Westwood Laundrette, but not quite, so I am a glutton for punishment.


One comment

  1. Hey mate,

    I’m hoping to study French and German at Warwick, and was interested in how you’re finding the course so far!

    Also, any chance you remember what the conditions were of your original offer (the grades?)


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