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Money, money, money

20 September 2007

I got my payment schedule through yesterday. I’m not sure how I get the ball rolling on actually turning that into cold hard cash…someone said you take the letter into uni and they make the magic happen, right/wrong?

I’ve been perfecting my Google Spreadsheet skills as well. Never try to budget at midnight though, that is not a successful money-saving scheme.



11 September 2007

A lot’s happened since I came back from Portugal. I’ve enrolled, been sent my accommodation details (I’m in Jack Martin, if you want to say hi), organised my Warwick Card photo (which was a huge hassle, but is finally done). I got my laptop too, but am still waiting to make sure nothing’s missing, I’ve had to email PCND four times now, gah, shan’t be using them again… I also need to find out what display output my laptop has, it’s not VGA like on my monitor, it could be for a DVI plug instead, must see about an adaptor… I have an IT Services account, and my login name makes no sense, I don’t know where they pull them out of, probably the same place as the daily splits (targets) at work. It’s all good, I’m getting closer to uni and it feels good. As far as work goes, I should be paid up to date on Thursday and I think I get a leaving party :) yey!