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22 July 2007

I took a tumble the other day, actually not just one, a whole six, and I was given them (so I lied to begin with, I’ve redeemed myself). They’re just glass tumblers but I like them, and thanks to my cousin who didn’t have any space for them, they’re now mine :D



3 July 2007

I need crockery, but I’m picky. I saw some in the Argos catalogue which seemed reasonable (12 pieces for just over a fiver, plain white – nothing special), but having bought it and opened the box, the bowels were literally an inch or so deep… That’s no good for soup, cereal, or, in fact, anything you eat out of a bowl. So it went back. The search goes on. There’s always IKEA separates or a set at Tesco. I’ll keep looking.