What happens next?

20 June 2007

This morning I got a letter from Warwick. It made me smile, then decide I needed a cuppa. So I settled down to read through it and felt compelled to take notes, which I then added to my calendar. I guess after last night and feeling a bit disheartened that I may have made the wrong choice, it was a welcome distraction. I know that term starts October 1st, and that I have to arrive on September 29th . I now even have a reading list for German (the French one is posted online later in the summer), and a timetable of things to do or expect at certain times.
It looks like it’s going to be an expensive one. Collins dictionaries at £35 a pop are supposed to be the best, better even than the Oxford Duden ones, although personally I prefer the look and layout of the latter. I also need two German grammars, which I doubt will be particularly affordable. I had better start budgeting, I never thought I’d have to do that before I actually had accrued some funds towards Uni. I think I may have to raid my savings – that doesn’t make me feel good. I wonder whether I could keep my budget and my progress on it online here somehow.

So yeah, I just need the grades now. Roll on August 16th.


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