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Bargain Rug

29 June 2007

I couldn’t resist these amazing IKEA rugs. I know I’m about to be a poor student, but getting essentially two for the price of one (they were marked down to £1 in IKEA Leeds) made them irresistible! I also got an obligatory blue bag, they’ll come in handy for carting food back from the supermarket, according to IKEA you can fit five-carrier-bags’-worth of stuff in one…I have two now – great.


Finally over

22 June 2007

That’s it, my A-levels are now completely finished, done, no more. The French exam went okay as far as I could tell. My story was a bit pants, but then my dad managed a full Scholarship on a story about a boat out in a storm, so the pantsness of it all shouldn’t be a deciding factor. If they read the plan I scrubbed out then there will be confusion. I had a spark of enlightenment and went with it. All I do now is wait, and earn some money in the meantime.


What happens next?

20 June 2007

This morning I got a letter from Warwick. It made me smile, then decide I needed a cuppa. So I settled down to read through it and felt compelled to take notes, which I then added to my calendar. I guess after last night and feeling a bit disheartened that I may have made the wrong choice, it was a welcome distraction. I know that term starts October 1st, and that I have to arrive on September 29th . I now even have a reading list for German (the French one is posted online later in the summer), and a timetable of things to do or expect at certain times.
It looks like it’s going to be an expensive one. Collins dictionaries at £35 a pop are supposed to be the best, better even than the Oxford Duden ones, although personally I prefer the look and layout of the latter. I also need two German grammars, which I doubt will be particularly affordable. I had better start budgeting, I never thought I’d have to do that before I actually had accrued some funds towards Uni. I think I may have to raid my savings – that doesn’t make me feel good. I wonder whether I could keep my budget and my progress on it online here somehow.

So yeah, I just need the grades now. Roll on August 16th.



20 June 2007

My A-levels started exactly eight days ago. I’ve now taken all my Geography which wasn’t horrendous, the topics were all ones which I quite liked, which is nice. I’ve done all the German exams, the speaking was a little weird, probably because I did it with JPB and PD, rather than PH and an anglophone teacher, which was what I was expecting. Unit six was bearable at best. Listening and Writing (6a) wasn’t great, Reading and Writing (6b) felt good, and I’m more and more convinced my answer to Writing in Registers (6c) was pap at best. I didn’t show off at all. I wrote something thoroughly pedestrian. General Ignorance Studies could have gone in any way. I’m not totally sure whether my essays were good bad or ugly, I don’t think my textual analysis was that great, but I could do the maths! That is shocking, coming from the child who can do the same sum three times and get three different (and equally plausible) answers. I possibly over-used the word equally though. That would be one of my foibles! French speaking went well, all things told, even though GB managed to address DF (female) as Monsieur for about 50% of the test. Not clever. Not my mistake though. So yeah, tomorrow is my last A2 and I can’t honestly wait for them to be over. 3 hours of French fun and games…or not.



18 June 2007

Welcome to Quiproquo on If you want to know more about me, my big plan or the “art” of Quiproquo, hit one of the about links which seem to be floating around everywhere. And, hold onto your hats, you’ll soon be treated to my breakdown of the exam season so far, and believe me, it’s not one to be missed.